Temecula classes are held according to demand and availability of mentors to lead the classes/book discussion groups. 

If there is a particular class you are interested in please contact us at: temeculafreedomforum@gmail.com

Current Classes:   

Key of Liberty

This course is designed for youth ages 12-17 (or could be done with adults as well).  In this 9 month course, students will read literature relating to freedom such as The Red Scarf Girl by Jiang, The Making of George Washington, John Adams: The Reluctant Patriot, and others.  They will participate in book colloquiums, essay writing, simulations, and other engaging activities.  They will also memorize the Declaration of Independence and will leave the course having a working knowledge of the Constitution of the United States.


Materials: TBA


Meeting: Probably weekly for 9 months.

This class is currently available through Millennial Heritage Academy - www.mhatemecula.org


Future Classes: 

Constitution 101 - Basic Principles of Freedom

After many years of careful study, deliberation, debate, and compromise by those whom we respectfully esteem as our "founding fathers", there came forth the fruit we now know as the Constitution of the United States of America.  Most Americans profess support and love for this document, but do they even know what is says?  If they do know what it says, do they understand what it means?  This course is designed to give citizens a basic understanding of the principles contained in our founding documents.  We will discover and discuss these principles as we study the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution together. 


Materials: A Guide for Learning and Teaching the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution by Joseph Andrews.  Optional: The Making of America by Cleon Skousen


Meeting: Probably weekly for 8 weeks.


Constitution 201 -

Federalist & Anti-Federalist Papers

If the Constitution is the fruit, then what are the branches and trunk from which this fruit sprang?  Or, in other words, what were the arguments that supported the formation of this great document?  In this course we will study The Federalist Papers and  The Anti-Federalist Papers in order to more fully understand the true intent and meaning behind the various articles and sections contained within the Constitution. 


Materials: The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers


Meeting: TBA


Constitution 301 -

Founding Grandfathers

If the Constitution is the fruit, and the combined wisdom and knowledge of the founding fathers are the branches and trunk, what are the roots of this inspired document?  In this course we will study the "founding grandfathers" of the Constitution, or in other words, those whose wisdom and knowledge preceded our founding fathers and from whom our founding fathers gathered the data, knowledge, and information necessary to formulate the most dynamic and prosperous government form ever to be created and instituted by man on the earth.  In this course we will study the works of authors such as Montesquieu, Locke, Blackstone, Adam Smith, and even Moses, whose ideas of government and economics were so influential in the formation of our constitutional republic and free market system. 


Materials: TBA


Meeting: Probably monthly for 9 months.


Principles of Freedom Colloquium

This book discussion group will gather to discuss literature relating to the principles of freedom.  We will read and discuss such literature as the 5000 Year Leap by Skousen, The Proper Role of Government by Benson, The Law and That Which is Seen and That Which is Unseen by Bastiat, Democracy in America by de Tocqueville, and works by Thomas Paine.


Materials: TBA


Meeting: Probably twice per month for a few months.


Constitution KIDS!

This course, designed for 8-11 year old children, exposes them to our founding fathers and the basic principles of freedom as contained in our founding documents.  It incorporates music, projects, simulations (hands-on learning experiences), and art. 


Materials: TBA


Meeting: Probably weekly for 4-8 weeks.



Understanding the Constitution ONLINE Audio Class 

Learn from Oliver DeMille the main points of the Constitution, how our freedoms have eroded, and what is needed to get back to a truly free system. Five 90-minute to 2-hour audio classes. Oliver will be joined by Orrin Woodward for two lectures.

Visit: http://www.thesocialleader.com/classes/ for more information and to register for the class.


Founding Fathers

We know the names and dates associated with our glorious U.S. history, but who really were the men and women behind the formation of this great nation under God?  In this colloquium group, we will delve into the lives and characters of our founding fathers (and mothers), by reading such books as The Real George Washington by Parry, Allison, and Skousen, The Real Thomas Jefferson by Allison, Maxfield, Cook, and Skousen, The Real Benjamin Franklin by Allison, Skousen, and Maxfield, and John Adams by McCullough.


Materials: TBA


Meeting: Probably monthly for 9 months.

Do YOU have ideas or suggestions of classes or colloquiums (book discussion groups) you would like to see in our community?

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